About Ric...



My name is Eric.

I'm a music maniac, a records collector and a musician.

I was a member of the staff of "Jazz à Vienne" Festival,

during many years. After working for records sellers,

I do it myself now...


Located in France, Lyon, 

I'm an independant record seller working on the web,

on the "Records and old Books markets" of Lyon,

on records conventions and other cultural events.




You can find me on the

"Marchés du Disque et Livres Anciens"

in Lyon

each week, except rainy days...



All wednesdays : place Carnot, Lyon 02

All saturdays : Bd de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon 04

The 1st sunday of month : place Jean Macé, Lyon 07

The 2nd sunday of month : place Ambroise Courtois, Lyon 08

The 3rd sunday of month : place Raspail, Lyon 07

The 4th sunday of month : place Ambroise Courtois, Lyon 08






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