Conditions of sales :



The sending of the order by the customer implies its support
on the present general Conditions. The customer places his
order according to the specifications appearing on the site.
Any order validated by the customer will be considered by
Ric Vintage Records Shop, only after acceptance of the
Internet server of payment of the totality of the order including
the shipping costs. Postal charges are fixed according to the
weight of articles. Therefore, think of including your articles
on a single order. There will be no possibility of including
different orders. Postal charges will be calculated for each order.


Secure payment:
Products and services presented on the site are payable with order
and in Euro only. To place your order, we provide you with a means
of payment by Internet: the payment is made by means of the systems
of secure payment. In every case, the sale contract is considered
concluded only at the time of the debit of the account of the consumer.

Ric Vintage Records Shop reserves the right to cancel any order or
delivery in case of total or only partial non-payment, or in case there
would be a litigation concerning the payment of a previous order.

Shipping terms:

The shippings of Vinyl and CD are made in specific packagings.
The routing is realized by the services of "The Post office"
at the address indicated by the customer during the seizure
of its order. The freight costs are chargeable to the customer
and vary according to the type and the weight of products.
They are indicated to the customer at the time of the order.

Selling price:

The prices of the products of the site Ric Vintage Records Shop
are prices including french taxes but do not include the transport
costs, these last ones being chargeable to the customer. For any
outside delivery has metropolitan France, possible customs charges
and\or local taxes are chargeable to the addressee. Ric Vintage
Records Shop reserves the right to modify the selling prices at any
time, before taking of order. Products and services are charged on
the basis of price lists current at the time of the recording of the order.

Transfer of the products:

The ordered product (s) are send at the risks of the addressee.
Packagings are carefully made and in boxes specially made
for that purpose. Nevertheless it is up, in case of average,
to the buyer to make the observations, and to hold us informed
under 3 days by e-mail at ""

Complain and return:

According to provisions of the articles 1641 and following ones
of the French Civil code, the salesman protects the buyer, in
any case, from all the harmful consequences of the defects and
the latent defects that would may reveal the sold goods, under
reserve that these last ones are indicated to him(her) from their
appearance. The customer also has to make sure at the time of
the provision of his command(order) of the good state of products.

If the delivered product(s) is not (are) not corresponding in kind
or quantity in the specifications indicated on the delivery order
joined (contacted) to the sending or has underwent averages during
the transport, the customer has to indicate us the damages within
3 days by e-mail sent at ""
In case of refund(repayment) Ric Vintage Records Shop makes
a commitment to make him(it) under 30 days.
The return of products can be accepted only for products in their
of original statement, with their packaging and the delivery order.

Delay of delivery and payment:

In case of overtaking of the deadline of provision or delivery
of more than thirty ( 30 ) days, and if this overtaking is not due
to a case of absolute necessity (strike, road death, climatic accident)
the customer can cancel the sale contract by e-mail at

The repayment of product (s) will be made as soon as possible and
at the latest in 30 days. Any clause of penalty of delay which would
be included by the customer in his order remains ineffective.

Penalties of an amount equal to the legal interest rate
increased by 5 % are applicable by rights to the unpaid amounts
at the conclusion of a period of ten days according to the date
of invoicing or from announcement of the refusal of banking
payment for quite other means of payment.


Ric Vintage Records Shop will incur no responsibility
for any damages or indirect costs, or for any losses in particular loss
of data or information and any damages or cool(expenses) ensuing
from the use or from the impossibility of use of the product.

In case of the conflicts :

The present company is subjected has the French law.
Any conflict between Ric Vintage Records Shop and the users will be,
even in case of defendants' plurality and has defect all right amicable,
for the exclusive competence of the courts of Lyon (Rhône)

Modification of the general conditions of sale:

Considering the possible evolutions of the site,
Ric Vintage Records Shop have the possibility of modifying at any time
the present general conditions of sale. The new general conditions of sale
will be available on-line on the web site and will be applicable to the only
sales realized after the modification. It is up to the customer to verify the
existence of new clauses in the General Conditions of Sale, here present
to every new order.

Legal informations:

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