Anti Flag / 20/20 Division

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Anti Flag

20/20 Division

33 - 1 x LP - Spinefarm Rec  (Netherland 2021)  


Disquaire Day 12 june 2021



For the Disquaire Day,
discover the 12th album of the punk group
Anti-Flag ’20 / 20 Vision ’
in a limited deluxe version,
complete with new artwork and five new tracks.




New  and sealed record




Face A
Hate Conquers All
It Went Off Like A Bomb
20/20 Vision
Christian Nationalist
Don’t Let The Bastards Get
The Disease
The Nation Sleeps

Face B
You Make Me Sick
Resistance Frequencies
Born To Run
Concrete Breeds Apathy
No Allegiance To A Flag
No One Can Save Yourself But You
Fight Like Hell


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