Harlem Pop Trotters / Harlem Pop Trotters

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Harlem Pop Trotters


33-LP - Underdog Rec. (Fr, 2020) 



Record Store Day 20 april 2020


Colored vinyl


For its 15th anniversary in 2019,
Underdog Records continues its exploration
music from French bookstores,
by exploring forgotten catalogs.
After the reissues of Janko Nilovic, here is the
Harlem Pop Trotters finally reissued in color vinyl.
A must have that should delight diggers
in search of jazz-funk 70s.




New & sealed record




Face A
1. Mocassin
2. Penwick
3. Marathonic
4. Ergocentric
5. La Moto Verte
6. Psychocross

Face B
1. Ring Modulator
2. Plongee Synthetique
3. Kayak
4. Cache Catch
5. Rugby
6. White beach


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