The Scruffs / Teenage Tragedies 1974-1979

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The Scruffs

Teenage Tragedies 1974-1979

33-LP - Monotone (Fr, 2020) 


Record Store Day 20 april 2020


 “The late great Alex Chilton once put Break
The Ice and Bedtime Stories from Wanna Meet?
on a compilation tape for me.
What a great introduction to The Scruffs.”
(Francis Macdonald, Teenage Fanclub)

“If there’s going to be a Scruffs history, that’s it…
It really does represent, if not the end, then the beginning
of the end of something in Memphis music.
After that, nobody even tried to do that again .”
(Jim Dickinson, Big Star)

“A middle-period Beatles extrapolation in the manner
of Big Star, it bursts with off harmonies, left hooks,
and jolts of random energy. ”
(Robert Christgau, Village Voice)

“Some tracks may sound like Chris Bell outtakes
except they were probably recorded before
or at the same time”
(Stephen Burns)

“Are The Scruffs over the top?. At times. Heartbroken?
I think so. Cool? Ooh yeah .”
(Judith Beerman, Back Of A Car)





New & sealed record




Face A
1. Teenage Girls
2. Go Faster
3. Nick of Tyme
4. Edge of Disaster
5. Now
6. Alice, Please Don’t Go
7. Shakin’

Face B
1. Never Too Late
2. This Can’t Go On
3. Whatch You Gonna Do?
4. Liar
5. Tragedy
6. Make Out
7. Visions


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