Dafuniks / Enter the Sideshow Groove

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Enter the Sideshow Groove

33-2x LP - Underdog Rec (Fr, 2020) 


Record Store Day 20 april 2020


Colored vinyl


For its 15 years in 2019,
Underdog Records has decided to reissue
the albums that made him known.
After Flox, Tribeqa is probably
the project most adored by diggers:
Enter the Sideshow Groove / Dafuniks,
the group with millions of streams and
playlists around the world.
An instrumental hip-hop carried by
prestigious featurings.
Vinyl comes out for the first time
times in double color vinyl and is
COMPLETE for 7 years.





New & sealed records




Tracks :

Musical Gymnastics
Typical Guy (feat. Elias)
(feat. Kuku Agami, Astrid Engberg, Mattic)
Ease My Mind
(feat. Barbara Moleko, Joseph Agami)
D to the A
(feat. Barbara Moleko)
Don’t Dig to Deep
(feat. Elias, Pigeon John
(feat. Pato Siebenhaar)
Disko Dansen
(feat. Barbara Moleko)
All I Want
(feat. Elias)
(feat. Kuku Agami)
Bone Jacked & Buggin’Out
(feat. Pato Siebenhaar)
After Midnight
(feat. Astrid Engberg, Mattic)
Hello I Love You
(feat. Elias)
(feat. DJ Noize)


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