Billy Joe Shaver

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Billy Joe Shaver

Freedom's Child
1 CD Compadre Records (2002)



Petites rayures de surface mais ok a l'écoute

Billy Joe Shaver (vocals); Todd Snider (vocals)
Chris Carmichael (fiddle) Paco Shipp (harmonica)
Dave Roe (acoustic & electric bass) Jimmy Lester (drums)
Will Kimbrough (ac., elec., 12-string, National & baritone guitars)
Keith Christopher (ac. guitar) Jamie Hartford (elec. guitar, mandolin)
Steve Conn (accordion, piano, Hammond B-3 organ, chord organ)
Bobby Field (percussion) Billy Ray Reynolds (background vocals)

Recorded at House Of David, Nashville, Tenn.

Tracks :

Hold on to Yours (And I'll Hold on to Mine)
Freedom's Child
That's Why the Man in Black Sings the Blues
Honey Chile
Good Ol' U.S.A.
Day by Day
Corsicana Daily Sun
That's What She Said Last Night
Drinkin' Back
Wild Cow Gravy
Deja Blues (with Todd Snider)
Magnolia Mother's Love
Merry Christmas to You (bonus track)
Necessary Evil (hidden track)




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