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Buckshot LeFonque

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Buckshot LeFonque

Music Evolution
1 CD - Columbia 1997


Rayures de surface, ok a l'écoute




While he releases his straight-ahead jazz projects under his own name,
Branford Marsalis pursues his fusion experiments under the group name
of Buckshot LeFonque, even though he's the only consistent member
from track to track. Marsalis and such jazz colleagues as trumpeter
Russell Gunn, keyboardist Joey Calderazzo, saxophonist David Sanborn
and bassist Ben Wolfe seem to be having great fun as they run changes
over the funk beat of "James Brown," the hip-hop loops of "Try These On,"
the Latin-jazz heat of "Jungle Groove" and the harder-than-hard-bop on
the untitled, hidden bonus track. The album stumbles, however, when it
tries to come to terms with words, as it does on eight of the 13 full-length
numbers. There's some marvelous music in the background of these songs
the rhythmic punch of hip-hop linked to the harmonic imagination of be-bop
but it's hard to get past the awkward wordplay dominating the foreground.
-Geoffrey Himes

Tracks :

1. Here We Go Again
2. Music Evolution
3. Wasineveritis
4. James Brown, Pt. 1 & 2
5. Another Day
6. Try These On
7. A Buckshot Rebuttal
8. My Way (Doin' It)
9. Better Than I Am
10. Paris Is Burning
11. Jungle Grove
12. Weary With Toil
13. Black Monday
14. Phoenix
15. Samba Hop
16. ...And We Out



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