Gas Huffner

Gas Huffner

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One Inch Masters
1 CD -Epitaph Records (1994)
(Garage punk / Rockabilly Speed)


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Tom Price - Guitar
Don Blackstone - Bass
Matt Wright - Vocals & Guitar
Joe Newton - Drums

Gas Huffer

was a band from Washington state that played

a sort of rockabilly punk, with lyrics both formal

and comical, with antic stage presence. They

classified themselves loosely in the Garage punk

genre. The band created comic books with each

album drawn by all four members of the band,

including Joe Newton, now deputy art director

for Rolling Stone magazine) (wikipedia)

14 Tracks:

1. "Crooked Bird"
2. "Mr. Sudbuster"
3. "More Of Everything"
4. "Stay In Your House"
5. "14th & Jefferson"
6. "Walla Walla Bang Bang"
7. "Appendix Gone"
8. "Chicken Foot"
9. "What's In The Bag?"
10. "Hand Of The Nomad"
11. "Quasimodo '94"
12. "No Smoking"
13. "Action/Adventure"
14. "Goat No Have"

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